"Freestorm" Visual Collaboration

Art Director

When launching the new solutions offering for the business market, SMART wanted to take a different direction with the brand compared to what had already been established for the company in the education market.


The concept of absurdity in the work place was developed to help open the eyes of other companies that how they were working together could be vastly improved in this age of technology.

Campaign video

We wanted to present the common challenges faced by many businesses, and illustrate exactly how the SMART Freestorm solution can solve these issues that some people may not even realize exist in their workplace everyday.


Product brochure


The Height Of Success

Art Director

The campaign goal was raising the awareness that SMART's education solution offerings and established 20 years of experience could help lead to greater student learning outcomes and further individual success.


This concept intended to illustrate how SMART products could bring students to new heights of success with the visuals showing actual products literally bringing students higher.


Extraordinary Moments

ART Director

This marketing piece aimed to show the tremendous power of engagement that SMART products have on the people who use them. I wanted to capture the enthusiasm that students feel when they use a SMART Board for the first time in their classrooms.

Focusing on the positive reactions of students, hand drawn visuals were added to support or enhance their feelings. This visual element became so popular that it would come to be a prominent part of SMART Technologies brand identity for years.